Blog: Adam and Lauren’s Wedding March 8, 2015

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Blog:  Adam and Lauren's Wedding
Blog: Adam and Lauren’s Wedding

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Savannah Ga wedding photographer, Jerina Mac Photography specializes in wedding photography, family and maternity. Jerina serves the Savannah, Ga. area including Tybee Island, Garden City, Thunderbolt, Pooler, Port Wentworth, Bloomingdale Chatham County and other surrounding South Carolina areas. Jerina is proudly serving southern and central Georgia and travels for portrait and commercial worldwide. For specials and updates subscribe to our photography blog. For more information please email us at Style - Photo journalistic At Jerina Mac Photography, our goal is to simply capture life. We want to provide you with pictures that you look back on with smiles, laughter, and that make your heart happy. Because our style isn't a "now tilt your head this way and hold that perfect pose" style, all our clients tend to be comfortable and have fun during their sessions. Our style is comfortable, welcoming, and yet still polished. Former clients will tell you to not be surprised if we crawl on the floor, make funny faces, even get a little messy for that one great shot.

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