Jessica and Chris | Jerina Mac Photography

The Meet UP

Chris and Jessica first met at a college party.  They became really good friends and later began dating.  After the “7 year itch”, they tied the knot this past weekend.

The Proposal

Chris did some great strategic planning to pull the proposal off.  Requested to Jessica’s boss for her to have the day off and even getting all their friends to be present.  After walking down the Tybee pier, Chris got down on “not 1 knee but both knees” and arranged for all the friends to appear at the same time.




Mark and Amy | Jerina Mac Photography

“Holy Toledo!!”  Amy and Mark flew to Savannah from Toledo, Ohio for their elopement May 18, 2016.  An intimate ceremony took place at Lafayette Square and the Hamilton-Turner Inn.  m3m1m2m6m7m15m93m8m91m11m95m27m38m39m42m47m64m65m68m70m89m90m96m100m102m103m105m106

Manny and Tricia | Jerina Mac Photography

The Proposal

It was a very exceptionally cold Valentine’s Day.  Thinking that the carriage ride downtown historic Savannah was part of their Valentine’s celebration, Manny had the carriage driver stop in front of the fountain in Lafayette Square. Snuggled beneath a pile of blankets, Manny got out, got on one knee and asked Tricia to spend the rest of her life with him.  She enthusiastically said, “YES!”

So that’s how we got these gorgeous photos…they got “happily ever after” married this past weekend in Savannah at the Savannah Botanical Gardens.  Not a cloud in the sky and a perfect temperature and breeze, Manny and Tricia said their “I DO’s” in the mist of all the blooming flowers, water fountains and friends and family.


Blake and Mary-Boykin Taylor | Jerina Mac Photography

The Proposal

It takes a man in love and a very good friend to pull off a surprise engagement proposal.  That’s exactly what Blake and Mary-Boykin’s close friend, Amanda did. A trip to Tybee Island and a few innocent fibs to get Mary-Boykin to meet up with a “fake” photographer for Amanda,  Mary-Boykin didn’t know that this would be a meeting for her with her future husband.  As soon as they walked over the dunes and looked out to see Blake on one knee, she knew this “meeting” was about to change her life.  With a rose, a ring and a very important question for Mary-Boykin, her answer was a BIG YES!!  Enjoy their love journey through their wedding photos.  Photography by Jerina Mac Photography


Rich and Janie |Jerina Mac Photography


HOW THEY MET. Janie and Rich met at the clothing store American Eagle back in 2010 so I guess it would be appropriate to say that “the eagle has landed”.  They hit it off from the get go and continued dating while Janie attended dental school in Indianapolis.  In 2015, the army moved Janie to Savannah where she now serves as a captain in the U.S. Army and as a dentist.

THE PROPOSAL.  While Janie was in training in San Antonio, Texas Rich came to visit her and surprised her on the River Walk with a romantic 4th of July proposal on one of the picturesque stone arch bridges on the river walk.  They shared vows April 2, 2016 in Jekyll Island, Georgia.  Their wedding photos tell the rest of the story.

Andy & Heather | Jerina Mac Photography

THE MEET CUTE.  December of 2015 is when this fairytale love story began.  After a long work day, Heather’s friend, Summer, came up to Heather and said “That’s who you need to be set up with right there” (pointing to Andy).  Of course Andy and Heather were both hesitant but somewhat curious.  What are best friends for?  Matching two people together that are destined for one another.  Summer, the bff, worked her magic with these two and convinced them to at least chat at the Christmas party that weekend. Thirteen months later, Heather and Andy said their, “I do’s”.

THE PROPOSAL.  Andy was so excited and eager to propose that the second he got “the ring”, he walked in on Heather eating a MEGA stuffed Oreo (that’s what us girls do), got down on his knee.  “How about spending the rest of your life with me?  Will you marry me?”  In a MEGA stuffed Oreo kind of way, Heather said “YES”.  Andy also asked Heather’s 3 beautiful children if he could marry their mom.

It was a family complete and so sweet.


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Jason & Dana | Jerina Mac Photography

Jason and Dana met at the Wilmington Island United Methodist youth group.  They both attended for several years and were “set up” by two good friends their senior year of high school.  They dated for a short time while Dana went off to college and Jason stayed in Savannah.  These two lovebirds continued to talk everyday and see one another when Dana would come home.  As time passed,  Jason decided to join the United States Marine Corps in 2011.  Again, they kept in close contact for the entire 3 months of boot-camp.  After Jason’s boot-camp graduation, they began dating again and have been together ever since.

THE PROPOSAL  Jason was home for two weeks visiting from where he was stationed.  One evening, Jason arranged for the two of them to attend a baseball game and then go downtown Savannah to Rocks on the Roof at the Bohemian Hotel.  Jason insisted that Dana sit at a table on the other side of the building all by herself while he got them a drink.  When he came back, he got on one knee and proposed.  He wasn’t planning on proposing until later in his trip home but a young man in love just couldn’t wait to pop the question.  She said “yes”.

Matt and Brittany | Jerina Mac Photography

Matt and Brittany have been dating since their teen years which makes this celebration of marriage so special.  Their friends and family have seen their relationship grow from giggles and pimples to yes I will and yes we did!  Enjoy their romantic countryside wedding that took place under the stars at Woodlawn Plantation in Guyton, Georgia.  The gorgeous setting was done by Carlson’s Premier Events, Joann’s Florist and Shana Downs.

Blog: Trey and Diana Weeks Savannah, Georgia Wedding

Trey and Diana met at Forsyth Park where they were both jogging after work.  From that point on, they started jogging together a few nights a week, usually followed by a few drinks and dinner.  Through their “jogging and conversations”, they grew to understand that they had numerous mutual friends, both attended Georgia Southern at the same time and both had lived in Savannah for the past 11 years.  There is no doubt in their minds that God waited for the right timing to put these two together on that special day in  February.

A couple of days after Thanksgiving, they decided to decorate a Christmas tree together.  After taking a break to grab some dinner, Trey got down on one knee and popped the question.  Well, these photos tell the rest of the story.  Enjoy!

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