Bryson Hall Destination Wedding

LOVE between Marvis and Brittany began in Alabama.  After a few dinners together and running into one another at the gym, they built their relationship quickly.  After moving to Chicago, Illinois they wanted to never be apart again.  One of their LOVES is traveling; it was on one of their trips that Marvis asked Brittany to be his wife.

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Jessica and Chris | Jerina Mac Photography

The Meet UP

Chris and Jessica first met at a college party.  They became really good friends and later began dating.  After the “7 year itch”, they tied the knot this past weekend.

The Proposal

Chris did some great strategic planning to pull the proposal off.  Requested to Jessica’s boss for her to have the day off and even getting all their friends to be present.  After walking down the Tybee pier, Chris got down on “not 1 knee but both knees” and arranged for all the friends to appear at the same time.




Mark and Amy | Jerina Mac Photography

“Holy Toledo!!”  Amy and Mark flew to Savannah from Toledo, Ohio for their elopement May 18, 2016.  An intimate ceremony took place at Lafayette Square and the Hamilton-Turner Inn.  m3m1m2m6m7m15m93m8m91m11m95m27m38m39m42m47m64m65m68m70m89m90m96m100m102m103m105m106

Sean & Tiffany| Jerina Mac Photography

A beautiful love story unfolds at the Charles Morris Center | Trustees Garden in Savannah, Ga.  Sean and Tiffany honored Jerina Mac Photography as the photographer to capture their romantic ceremony and celebration.  Enjoy.

Blog: Colin and Kim’s Wedding at The Mansion in Savannah, Ga.

Colin and Kim met on New Year’s Eve 2012 at a local restaurant in Brooklyn, not far from where Colin was living at the time. Though neither of them were interested in going out that night, they ended up in the same place.  Colin came alone and Kim with two of her friends.  Colin had already been out that day and Kim and her friend, Amy, had initially planned to stay home, make pasta and watch the ball drop.  Luckily they both found themselves at the Hill Cafe that evening.

Kim’s friends left to get some food while Kim stayed at the bar where she saw Colin for the first time.  She was waiting for him to turn around and look at her when finally she said, “hello”.  They started talking and a few days later they were on their first date.

What may have been love at first sight for the two of them they didn’t say it until two months later.

After a lovely dinner at the Carlyle Hotel on 76th Street in NYC, Colin took Kim for a walk in front of the Met Museum where they stopped to take in the beauty of the water fountain.  At that time,
he stepped back, got down on his knee and asked Kim to marry him.  She said YES!

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